Another missing Asylum Seeker boat

October 22, 2012

There has been news coming from our fellows in Indonesia, that an Asylum Seeker boat carrying 24 passengers is believed to have gone missing.. Initial information from our sources suggests that the boat departed from somewhere near Jakarta on 12th of August, and was heading to Christmas Island, an Australian territory. It was 12th of August when the last contact with on board passengers were made and since than no one has heard of them.

[Updated]: Speaking to apparently close relatives of the missing asylum seekers, now we are certain and can confirm that the aforementioned boat is missing and no one has heard of on board passengers since its departure from Jakarta on 12th of August.

However, mainstream media have not reported this would-be tragedy yet, neither we heard any comment from Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Following are the pictures of Asylum Seekers, who are said to be on board that particular boat.

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20 Responses to Another missing Asylum Seeker boat

  1. abbas

    a BOAT Caring 21 asylum seekers with two crew members are missing. It was 22nd of May 2012, when Mr. Reza Balkhi called for his wife that he is on boat now and leaving towards Chrismas island. since than no news from the asylum seekers, if you need the pictures of asylum seekers it will be provided. on boat from one family three members were there, their names are Shebir Hussain, Ishaq and Reza Balkhi.

  2. Dear Abbas,

    Can you speak to us over the phone or email about this missing boat. we need to have the information from first hand.

    Did you have any friend relative on the boat?
    Please do let us know via emailing at or post a comment on our Facebook page at

  3. please if any one knows about the missing boat from 12 august leave a message at least ,because i have some family on that boat,my 24 years old brother with his wife and 1 year old baby girl,. his name is hadi ,a tall young man .thanks a lot friends …

  4. shahin

    this is shahin tanin, i have my cousion missing on the same boat, this boat left on 12 th or 13th august 2012, mohammad jawad qarabghi was also on the boat, he never called, plz any one from bogor knows more information, plz email me

  5. Zikria

    im a close friend of one of the passengers on the twelfth August boat and live in Sweden.
    To all my dear Hazara brothers who are worried and waiting for good news from their loved ones: do not sit and wait for each other, you have to take action into your own hands and contact the media in australia. I know that some of you have applied to red cross and unicf but you know that they can not do much. As mr Ehsan said ,maybe they are in need of immediately help now. until we have not withdrawn the media and Australian authorities they will not serch after them. plz, be together then everything is possible. thanks/zikria

  6. shahin

    salam zikria jan, plz write ur friends name, who are missing, i already reported to the red cross in brisbane about 3 weeks ago, and i emailed unhcr in jakarta about this missing boat, lets share information, shahin from brisbane my email

    • Zikria

      Salam dear frieands!
      His real name is Hadi but possibly Yones and his wife Akela. Today I talked to my mom in pakistan and she said that she had talked to another lady who was worried about her husband. it is not certain that he was in the same boat, but he was missing since 12 of agust. He called home and spoke with his wife, that he is fine and in a prison and there are several hundred other people who do not have access to any type of phone. he called only for a few seconds from a mob belonging to a polic after he had been crying a lot and asked.
      He had said the name of the island but it is difficult to remember for an old lady. I really hope this is true and our family and friends are fine and somewhere in good hands.
      Thanks/ zikria

  7. shahin

    salam dear friend,
    i also investigating of that story, i talked to someone in indonesia, he told me that some one from this missing boat called his wife in quetta just for few minutes, he said they are in one island, but they are in prison, they kept in indivdual cells and dont have acces to phones, i am not really sure about it, i sent my sister to search for that lady in quetta, i asked her to ask the timing he called?when his boat left? was he in the same boat? becoz my sister had had a missed call few days ago, very unusual number, 007719920026 i tried to find out which country is this? only kazakistan has country code 07 and city code 7, i dont think thats the one, dear friends plz share information, by my calculation, i found 16 ppl name which missing from the same boat until now, any news i let u know,

    • Thank You dear Shahin,

      We at HAS, wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts and looking forward to hear from you more about this particular boat.

    • arif

      salam dostani gerami nami man ast arif ma ham yag bradaram shabai eid az jakarta hamrai sekandar harakat kede bod amon qaiqi 36 nafar khahesh mekonam yag khabari daqiq brai ma bedin ki azsi na kollish gharq shode ya na namishan chi bode tashakor arif from norway

      • Bismillah

        Salam brother ,, da kishti 34 nafari bacha kakai azma ham bud ki da 26 October harakat kida bud,, tabala kho zang nazada ,,
        Name brother shuma chi bud ? Wa as kudam jai Afghanistan ast ,,, ager brother am zang zad Pursan mikonam,,
        Ager brother to zang zad baz yag khabar bidi !!! Thanx

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  9. arif

    dosti aziz shoma da koja asti wa az koja asti shomare telefon dari bedi baz da tamas moshi man az jaghoori

    • shahin tanin

      Arif aziz salam, shahin az brisbane australia astom, fikr mikonom, ki shoma dar bare diga keshti sawal mikonin, ki shabe eid qorban harakat karda, ma darbare 36 nafari namidanom, een diga keshti hast 12 august 2012 harakat karda, ama ta hanooz maloom nist, ki koja shodan, mitani ba ma email konid,

  10. kashif

    JAVED decamber 30,2012 at 4.30 haji jawad salam,ma kashif az perth austrlia astm.ame kishty syed sikander harami az shaw eid pesh harkat kada.tabaly telephone nakada.tabaly malom neya da koja ya.syed sikander to ra khiar nakana khany mardoma ra khany she karab kady.paisa khom mokhry bas mossafira ra da jai she namersadi.i request all agar ago khabar asta kho khabar kanin kashif_ali9570 on face book

  11. arif

    dosta bri shoma dege kodam khabari nashod azi kishti ki da shawi eid raftad 36 nafar ena ki ki wa az koja bode lotfan peshtar tawzi bedid tashakor

  12. salam dosta,we are still waiting to get a call or hear a good news inshallah from the people of missing boat on 12 august 2012 ,so please if any one gets a new news about them just leave a message ,ba haqe musafirai Karbala KHuda khabare salamati tamami musafira ra biyara inshallah

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