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31 July 2002

Lies hurt pride
Frances Harris, Hall, ACT
Wednesday, 31 July 2002

After being lied to by the Australian Government about the children overboard affair and the continued lies about SIEV X, I would like to get to the truth.

It is the only way I can feel proud again to be an Australian.

Wanted: courage and honesty
Mary Dagmar Davies, Woy Woy, NSW
Wednesday, 31 July 2002

Kevin Rudd's patriotism, intelligence, judgement and humanity stand in stark contrast to the meagre talents of the Government front bench.

I am glad to see Kevin Rudd has invited Tony Kevin, diplomat and courageous champion of truth, and the 353 victims of SIEV-X, to join him.

Australia has never needed men of courage more than today. We have been mislead. Fear and paranoia have been manipulated to drive the least informed into an ecstacy of hatred against the innocent and unfortunate. This country has been divided by her leaders. Australia is at war and sadly the enemy is within.

The Howard Government's pro-torture vote in the United Nations separated us from all civilised democracies and places us alongside countries renowned for the abuse of human rights.

We need more people, men and women, of the calibre of Kevin Rudd and Tony Kevin. And we need members on both sides of the house to heroically stand for fairness and decency because each day this country is being led further down the path once trod by apartheid South Africa and the Third Reich.

We must start to think our own thoughts again. We must reject conflict and rediscover conversation. We must return to democracy as quickly as we can and we need people Kevin Rudd and Tony Kevin to help this nation return to its kind embrace.

Hope for humane approach
Marilyn Shepherd, Kensington, SA
Wednesday, 31 July 2002

Congratulations Tony Kevin on your new appointment (CT, July 29). I hope you can bring about a more humane approach within the beknighted Labor Party to give us an alternative worth voting for.

I believe in time Mr Kevin's relentless search for the truth about the loss of so many lives, so coldly dismissed by the Government and Australians in general, will be seen as heroic.

Best wishes, mate.

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