Letters to the Editor
The Australian
16 December 2002

The scenario that Australian intelligence agents would employ someone in Indonesia to sabotage an asylum-seeking boat is as fanciful as the notion that the French Government would sanction terrorists to sabotage a Greenpeace boat in New Zealand.

Gary Couchman

READING Cameron Stewart's article about the sinking of Siev X and the calls for a judicial inquiry, I found myself overtaken with rage and pain and anger yet again for the victims and families of the dead. This was a shocking maritime disaster in our region - 146 children, 142 women and 66 men perished after hours in the ocean. In the Bali bombings, 88 Australians and over 100 people of other nationalities were killed.

Can someone tell me why one gang of killers should be caught and punished, but we seem reluctant to fully investigate what happened to send 353 others to their deaths?

I met one of the survivors last week, she is younger than my daughter, she is tortured and tormented and in deepest mourning after losing most of her family and yet we will not investigate what killed them.

Well why the hell not? Are we so dehumanised ourselves that the victims of Siev X don't count?

Marilyn Shepherd

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