Sunday Telegraph
Letter to the Editor
Tony Kevin
19 January 2003

Get Serious About Justice

The Australian Federal Police reply (Sunday Telegraph, 12/1) to my article (Sunday Telegraph, 5/1) on Abu Quassey is short on facts.

Why aren't Indonesian police charging Quassey now, with co-organising and embarking a life-threatening passenger voyage in Indonesia?

Why isn't the AFP providing survivor testimonies, and escorting and protecting survivor witnesses willing to testify in Jakarta?

How can the AFP claim there is no evidence of sabotage, when all survivor accounts and tabled Senate documents indicate that the SIEV X was deliberately overloaded to sink?

Why didn't the AFP stop Quassey when it was already known, nine months before SIEV X, that he was organising life-threatening voyages to Australia in overloaded, unseaworthy boats?

When we get official answers to such questions, we will know if the AFP is serious about bringing Abu Quassay to justice over these 353 deaths.

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