Canberra Times (Online Forum)
Marg Hutton
Thursday, 31 July 2003

Yesterday's Australian carried a small piece on how the Federal Police have been constantly monitoring the SIEVX website and downloading hundreds of pages every night as 'part of a technical pilot program to test website-archiving software'.


It is noteworthy that while the Federal Police have been obsessively downloading, looking for information 'related to people smuggling' - their notorious quarry, the organiser of the fatal SIEVX voyage, Abu Quassey, departed Indonesia and returned home to Cairo in April without their knowledge.

If the Federal Police had monitored the Immigration Detention Centre in Jakarta where Abu Quassey was being held after his release from Cipinang prison earlier this year as assiduously as they have been monitoring the SIEVX website then perhaps the man responsible for the deaths of 353 asylum seekers who Senator Ellison pledged to chase - 'no matter where he goes or how long he lives' (CT 'Vow to pursue people smuggler' 31 Dec 2002) - might be on his way to Australia now, rather than home free in Egypt.

The AFP needs to get its priorities right!


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