5 November 2003

Thank you for sending Senator Bartlett a copy of an email you have sent to the Prime Ministers and others regarding SIEV X.

We have received so many emails on this issue that I am forced to reply in one bulk email and I apologize for this. The Australian Democrats agree with your request and will continue to push the Australian government to give this tragedy, not only the place in history it deserves but also the legal attention it deserves.

The Australian Democrats extended the inquiry into a Certain Maritime Incident to include the SIEV X. The inquiry allowed Tony Kevin to bring his evidence before the Committee and revealed the tragedy known as the SIEV X.

I thank you all individually for your work as advocates and encourage you to continue working for the truth to be revealed.

If anyone would like to receive regular updates of what is happening on refugee and immigration issues from me I can put you on a mailing list.

This is especially useful when parliament is sitting as you will get on copies of speeches and motions that are going through the Senate as well as updates on inquiry proceedings.


Marianne Dickie
Immigration Adviser
Senator Andrew Bartlett

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