Inquiry needed into SIEV-X deaths

16 July 2005

According to the Palmer inquiry, immigration policy has been made on the run since 2000 and the Immigration Department has a culture of denial and cover-up. A dangerous mix.

SIEV-X survivors told of ships that shone searchlights on people in the water, then turned away, leaving more than half of them to drown. Two survivors claimed they were shown aerial photos of SIEV-X after being rescued. And what were the precise workings of the agreement between Australian Federal Police and Indonesian police in relation to the People Smuggling Disruption Program?

Three Senate motions have called for an inquiry into the sinking of SIEV-X and the deaths of 353 people. Surely this latest report reinforces how badly an inquiry is needed.

Sue Hoffman, WA Refugee Alliance, Bassendean, WA

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