Rescued SIEV-X passengers to give evidence

Tuesday, 17 May 2005. 16:28 (AEST)Tuesday, 17 May 2005. 16:28 (ACST)
Tuesday, 17 May 2005. 17:28 (AEDT)Tuesday, 17 May 2005. 14:28 (AWST)

A Brisbane jury will hear evidence from survivors of the ill-fated SIEV-X boat, which sank off Indonesian coast in 2001, killing hundreds of people attempting to enter Australia.

Khaleed Shanayf Daoed is facing trial, charged with helping to organise the illegal entry.

During the Crown's opening address, the jury heard Daoed was allegedly involved in the successful passage to Christmas Island of 147 people from the Middle East, and the unsuccessful SIEV-X venture.

More than 350 people drowned when the SIEV-X (suspected illegal entry vessel) sank.

Daoed was arrested in Sweden and extradited to Australia to face trial.

Today, he pleaded not guilty to two charges of helping to organise illegal entry of people into Australia.

Commonwealth Crown prosecutor Glen Rice told the court 14 of the 45 passengers rescued after the sinking will give evidence alleging Daoed's involvement.

Justice Phil McMurdo told jurors Daoed was not on trial for causing the deaths, adding it was irrelevant to these proceedings.

Jurors were also told to put aside their own political views on illegal entry into Australia.


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