Interpol notice for man's arrest
The Australian
November 20, 2002

PROVISIONAL warrants have been issued for the arrest of alleged people-smuggler Abu Quassey due for release from jail on January 1, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said.

The provisional warrants have been forwarded to Hong Kong and Thailand, Mr Keelty told a Senate estimates committee.

Quassey is wanted in Australia to face people-smuggling charges, but at the moment he is in prison in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is due for release on January 1, Mr Keelty said.

Australia has three warrants out for his arrest, but Indonesia's parliament is yet to pass the people-smuggling laws required before extradition proceedings could be successfully instigated.

The legislation was due to go before the parliament soon, Mr Keelty said.

Three warrants have been issued in Australia for Quassey's arrest. They related to smuggling a total of 340 people on three vessels seized by Australian authorities, Mr Keelty said.

'An Interpol notice for Quassey's arrest has been issued and lodged with Interpol, and provisional warrants have been forwarded to both Thailand and Hong Kong should Quassey endeavour to flee to those countries upon release,' Mr Keelty said.

Those were the logical destinations for Quassey, he said.

The Interpol red notice was valid in all countries.

Quassey is believed to be also associated with the ill-fated SIEV-X which sunk off Indonesia a year ago with the loss of 353 asylum seekers aboard

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