Development body rejects SIEV-X monument

Last Update: Saturday, September 3, 2005. 10:27am (AEST)

The body which controls development in Canberra has rejected a proposal to build a memorial for the asylum seekers who drowned when their boat, the SIEV-X, sank four years ago.

The National Capital Authority (NCA) says the proposal to establish a memorial on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin fails to meet its guidelines.

A group of artists and writers is pushing for a site to remember more than 350 asylum seekers who drowned when their Indonesian fishing vessel sank.

The NCA's Andrew Smith says proposals will not be considered until 10 years after the original event, and other issues will also need to be considered.

"Whether it sort of closely reflects the values and ideas of the Australian community," he said.

"I guess one other might be whether the work contributes to the education of all Australians and whether it talks about our unique cultural heritage, things that are sort of about nation building and help us identify ourselves as a nation."


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