SIEV X people smuggler deported from Indonesia
ABC website
26 April 2003

A man the Australian Government said it wanted to prosecute for people smuggling schemes has been deported from Indonesia.

Abu Qassey has admitted playing some role in organising the voyage of the ill-fated SIEV X voyage which is said to have sunk with hundreds of people on board.

He is now in his native Egypt.

Around 350 people are thought to have drowned when the vessel sunk on its way to Australia.

Abu Qassey, 29, served six months in an Indonesian prison for visa violations and has been in detention awaiting deportation since January.

Australia's hopes to extradite him failed on legal ground and the government then suggested it may try to apprehend Abu Qassey en route to Egypt when he was deported.

But yesterday, Abu Qassey arrived in Cairo, leaving Indonesia apparently without the knowledge of officials in Australia.

Egypt has suggested the man may be tried there.

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