Australia wants people smuggler
ABC Radio Australia News
28 April 2003 (4.55am)

Australia is to seek the extradition from Egypt of an alleged people smuggler.

Abu Quassey is accused of organising the voyage of the boat that sank north of Australia 18-months ago with 350 asylum seekers on board. Most drowned.

The Justice Minister Chris Ellison says the Australian government will approach Egyptian authorities to seek Quassey's extradition.

He says: "We don't believe that it is impossible at this stage, but that's certainly an avenue that we want to pursue. But as I say if that is not successful, then we will assist Eqyptian authorities in whatever way we can in prosecuting Mr Abu Quassey."

Australia to ask Egypt for extradition of people-smuggler
ABC Radio Australia news
28 April 2003 (12.30am)

The Australian Government is to request the extradition of alleged people smuggler Abu Quassey from Egypt.

Quassey is believed to have organised the voyage of the boat known as SIEV-X, which sank between Indonesia and Australia nearly two years ago, killing more than 350-people.

He's been deported from Indonesia to his native Egypt.

The Justice Minister Chris Ellison says if the Australian Government can't extradite Quassey it will help the Egyptian authorities prosecute him.

"The reports from Egypt indiciate that they are willing to prosecute him and of course we're encouraged by that. But, make no bones about it, Australia is absolutely resolute in its pursuit of this man, and in seeing him come to justice for his involvement in people smuggling."

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