Witnesses fail to identify accused people smuggler
ABC News
11 August 2003

In the Darwin Magistrates Court, two witnesses have failed to identify an Iraqi national charged with people smuggling.

Ali Hassan Abdolimir Al Jenabi is the first person to be extradited to Australia to face people smuggling charges.

It is alleged he helped 350 asylum seekers enter Australia in 2000 and 2001.

Today two witnesses were unable to identify Al Jenabi in court.

But both had said they met someone named Al Jenabi, who helped them reach Australia.

One witness said he was just part of a large group and knew nothing.

The other witness told the court he dealt with another man, but a man referred to as Al Jenabi was present once or twice.

He also told the court that Australian police officers told him what Al Jenabi looked like, before showing him photos and asking him to identify the accused.

The case continues.

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