RI should immediately anticipate Australia's mission

8 April 2006

Medan (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government should immediately anticipate Australia`s in granting temporary visas to 42 Papuan boat people who sought political asylum, a political observer said.

Aldian Pinem, president of the Politics of Legal Struggle (PHP) in North Sumatra, said the government should conduct an intelligent study of Australia`s objectives in granting political asylum to the Papuan boat people.

He said the global politics of Australia and its allies had the intention to weaken Indonesia`s military defences and to create a history of balkanization of the unitary state of Indonesia in the long run.

Should Australian dislike of Indonesian militaray and their leadership be found in the study, the government with the support of the House of Representatives should give priority to the country`s sovereignty and resist that country`s intervention in Indonesian internal affairs.

Australian attitude was likely inseparable from the issue of East Timor which seceeded from the unitary state of Indonesia by accusing the Indonesian military and apparatuses of being involved in human rights violation there, said Pinem who was also former chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for N Sumatra chapter.

What is much feared with Australian global politics is possibility of voicing the issue of security in the location of tourist object like Bali to be controlled by international forces, considering that Bali is often made the target of terrorism.

If Australia will possibly attempt to influence Balinese people by raising the issue on draft bill on pornography and pornoaction toward self-determination of Bali, on the ground that the law will run counter to the culture prevailing in the paradise island. This should be anticipated, he said.

It is for that purpose, Indonesia should strenghten their civilian defence as the state defence, namely by giving military training to all Indonesia citizens who have reached the age of 21 years.

In addition, Indonesia should also forge close military pack with Rusia and China to fight Australian global politics designed at making Indonesian defence feeble, he said. (*)


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