[Ali Al Husseini's family who drowned on SIEVX]

Mr Amir Al Husseini - 61 yrs old his brother

Mrs Kareema Al Juborie - 27 yrs old his sister-in-law

Mrs Mona Al Husseini - 26 yrs old his wife

Master Yasser Ali Al Husseini - 10 yrs old his son

Master Nasser Amir Al Husseini - 9 years old his nephew

Master Ahmad Amir Al Husseini - 10-11 yrs old his nephew

Miss Asnan Ali Al Husseini - 7 yrs old his daughter

Master Mahdi Ali Al Husseini - 6 yrs old his son

The above information was provided to sievx.com by Sue Hoffman who received it from Ali Al Husseini's partner, Indra Kaur.

Source: Sue Hoffman to Marg Hutton (email) 1 October 2004

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