Extract from Senate Estimates Rural & Regional Affairs Transport Legislation Committee, 28 May 2003, p.327

Senator JACINTA COLLINS - I have one very brief overview question but I am waiting for a copy of the document to come back from the other department. I will describe the question and then I can pass on the document, because I do not think you will be able to deal with it immediately. In October 2001, the year that SIEVX sank, a brief was provided to the Prime Minister which has only recently been provided to the Senate. The brief that I am referring to is the last two pages of the document you are about to be provided with, the earlier pages being responses to questions on notice in relation to the DFAT cable of around the same time. The CMI committee had been told that advice to the Prime Minister that the SIEVX had sunk in Indonesian waters was part of this brief. You will see in the last paragraph on that first page the heading 'Boat sank in Indonesian waters'. When you have the chance to look at the earlier answers to questions on notice, you will see that we have been advised that that material was collated in consultation with a number of government departments, DTRS being one of those. My question to you is: was any information collected from DTRS that would lead officers at PM&C to the conclusion that the boat sank in Indonesian waters?

Ms Briggs - We would have to take that on notice and go back through our files and so on to check that.

Senator JACINTA COLLINS - I appreciate that.

Ms Briggs - That is fine.

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