Extracted from Senate Estimates Legal and Constitutional Committee, 3 November 2003, p.100

Senator KIRK -I understand that in February estimates a number of questions were asked by Senator Brown in relation to passengers on SIEVX. I wanted to know whether the AFP has a list of the names of the passengers on that vessel.

Mr Keelty - The AFP has previously advised [1, 2] that we are in possession of a list that was provided to us by a confidential source after the vessel sank. The list purports to contain some details of passengers, but its veracity has not been tested. We are not able to release the content of that list outside the investigation, because it may compromise the confidential source. We accept, and we urge others to accept, the probability that it is unlikely that a full and comprehensive list of those who boarded SIEVX, or those who subsequently drowned, will ever be available. I just point out that that is part of an ongoing investigation, and proceedings in that matter are imminent.

Senator KIRK -That was my question-as to whether or not the investigation of that matter was ongoing, and you have said that it is. I probably cannot take it much further, so thank you.

CHAIR -Commissioner, thank you very much for coming back after the break and for assisting the committee.

[7.47 p.m.]

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