[Extracted from House of Representatives Hansard 25 May 2004, p.28975]

Defence: Illegal Entry Vessels
(Question No. 3389)

Mr McClelland asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 24 March 2004: Has any agency within the Minister's portfolio analysed information on the method of detection of suspect illegal entry vessels (SIEV) in Australian waters since 1 June 1996; if so, in respect of each SIEV, was it detected by (a) marine surveillance flights; (b) Navy patrol boats, (c) other vessels, and (d) community reports.

Mr Brough-The Minister for Defence has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

X-URL: http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/dailys/dr250504.pdf

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