[Extracted from Senate Hansard, 10 May 2005]

Siev X Inquiry
(Question No. 432)

Senator Brown (Tasmania) asked the Minister for Justice and Customs, upon notice, on 10 March 2005:

With reference to the sinking of the boat known as SIEV X: Is there an inquiry or investigation in progress; if so:

(a) how many people are involved in the inquiry; and

(b) what results have been forthcoming in the past year.

Senator Ellison (Western Australia - Minister for Justice and Customs)- The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

Whilst some aspects of this matter await resolution before court, there is no current investigation or inquiry.

(a) Although no current investigation is being conducted, one Australian Federal Police member remains involved in preparation for further court proceedings concerning this matter.

(b) Mr Daoed was committed for trial, to commence on 17 May 2005 at the Supreme Court in Brisbane. Mr Abu Quassey who was convicted by Egyptian authorities and lost his latest appeal against sentence in November 2004.

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